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Confused users

don't convert.

With ATLAS, they can get in-app, click-by-click directions simply  by typing what they want to do.

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Make your software easy, even after the onboarding flow

When onboarding flows aren't annoying, they really help users learn new software.

Unfortunately, after they've finished the flow, their learning experience often gets much worse: they have to google around for docs that may be missing or outdated.

ATLAS is leveraging LLMs to build something better: a way for users to get in-app, click-by-click directions simply by typing what they'd like help with.

Check out the demo video above to see what this looks like.

Stop explaining. Start shipping.

We don't give directions for how to get around town anymore. Google Maps does that for us.

We're taking this idea and applying it to software.

We're building a crawler that can build a map of any software application. It knows all of the pages of the app, and by combining this knowledge with an LLM, it generates in-app walkthroughs for any task.

With ATLAS, you don't have to write docs or build guides one at a time with no-code guide builders. We generate the walkthroughs so you can focus on shipping.

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Get feedback that'll help you build a product they'll love

  • See what tasks your users are trying to accomplish so you can build features that are missing in your product

  • Learn which screens produce the most help requests and how many clicks away the desired screen is

  • Learn the language your users use to think about their work so you can improve your app copy and information architecture

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